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 - Jackie Alves and Debbie Butler

Redmond Industrial Park:

A Place Where Everyone Prospers

It’s not every day that you come across a construction and manufacturing industry business owned and operated by a mother-daughter team. But pull into Redmond Industrial Park, about a mile east of Highway 97 in Redmond, Ore., and you’ll find two ladies—not men—running the show and making a historic mark in Central Oregon’s business scene.

It all started back in 1996, when long-time ranchers Maynard and Jackie Alves decided to purchase the then-closed Crown Pacific’s lumber mill as an investment opportunity. After converting the padlocked mill into an industrial park, Maynard managed the business until his passing in 2018. At that time, Jackie—whose lifelong passion had been ranching and breeding Quarter Horses—could have sold the industrial park, but she didn’t want to let it go.

Instead, Jackie turned to her daughter, Debbie, who until that point had led a successful career in nonprofit and staffing. Presented with the offer, Debbie immediately loved the idea of working with her mom and keeping Redmond Industrial Park in the family. But a fearless, self-confessed cowgirl at heart, Debbie was equally drawn to the challenge of learning and managing a construction-industry business within this traditionally male-dominated field. And so, Debbie said yes. In 2020, she joined her mother at the reins, leading Redmond Industrial Park into a new era of profound service and growth.

Right from the start, the two ladies immediately got busy with a new vision: an attractive, high-functioning and affordable industrial park. As of today, they’ve been acting on a long list of improvements and upgrades, including new roofing, bathrooms, asphalt, paint, gutters, windows and more. They also have long-term plans for the park’s eastern edge, which includes building a second industrial park for smaller industrial businesses, which constantly struggle to find affordable space in the region.

At Redmond Industrial Park, it’s not just this mother-daughter duo but the property itself that makes it so unique. Rated an M2 industrial park, it leases to both heavy and light industrial companies and also offers great expanses of vacant land. Ever since it opened and over the years, dozens of businesses have moved onto the property and are thriving—including some reputable names like Old Dominion, Traeger Wood Pellet Grills, Baxter Builders, Truss Components and Pole Building Supply, the latter of which survived the recession and has been the longest-running tenant yet. 

Spanning 73 acres, with plenty of wide-open spaces, the industrial park fills a marketplace gap in offering affordable lease prices. And that’s intentional. Both Jackie and Debbie know that when pricing is fair, tenants and their workers are more likely to thrive. Of course, the impact reaches beyond Redmond Industrial Park, benefitting the local economy, too.

Of note, Redmond Industrial Park includes both an onsite property manager and a full-time facilities manager, offering security, solutions and critical peace of mind. Big believers in leasing to the right people and organizations—not just anyone and anything—Jackie and Debbie have contracted with community partners to help vet and ensure the integrity of potential clients. Honoring their own integrity, Jackie and Debbie strive to be present and available to their tenants, making sure communication is strong and relationships remain in-tact. They know how to listen, bring compassion and empathy to challenges, and respond with common sense and care.

Speaking of relationships, Redmond Industrial Park is a dedicated community partner with both the City of Redmond and the tri-county region of Central Oregon. Debbie serves as a board member for the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, advocating for and advancing ways that the community can grow effectively and prosper. Proactive in such partnerships as well as with their own clients at Redmond Industrial Park, Jackie and Debbie take their work to heart each and every day. Bringing their collective wisdom, skills and talents to the property they oversee and the clients they serve, they prove themselves worthy of the valuable mission: making Redmond Industrial Park a place where everyone prospers.

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